Uniqato Rubin 2018

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Началото на гроздобера е отложено до момент при който има частично завяхване на зърната. По този начин са получени по-добра концентрация на ароматите и по-облекчено извличане на тялото и цвета от ципите на гроздето. Отделните ферментатори са подложени на различни режими на ферментация. Отлежаването е 10 месеца в бъчви от френски и български дъб, изпълнени в различни стилове. Малолактичната ферментация протича в бъчвите. Комбинирането на различните похвати за винификация и отлежаване балансирано обогатява комплексността.


  • Fruit
  • Body
  • Dryness
  • Tanins
  • Alcohol




  • Black Cherry Black Cherry
  • Black Currant Black Currant
  • Small Black Fruits Small Black Fruits


Large glass for red wine

Serving Temperature

Room Temperature Room Temperature

Food pairing

  • Red Meats Red Meats
  • Raw Dried Meats Raw Dried Meats
  • Roasted Vegetables Roasted Vegetables


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Thracian valley

Thracian valley

In this region, which includes Southern Bulgaria, the climate is temperate continental protected from northern winds thanks to Stara Planina, with good rain distribution. It includes the central parts of the Thracian lowland and parts of Sakar. Most of the red grape varieties are concentrated in this area. Mavrud, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Red Muscat, Pamid and others are grown. The climatic conditions of the region favour the production of rich, dense, memorable red wines, especially from the varieties Cabernet Sauvignon and Mavrud. Good wines from the local variety Mavrud are especially valued for their aroma and taste of small red fruits, spices and herbs.

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Rubin Bolgarskii, or simply Rubin, is a dark-skinned crossing of Nebbiolo and Syrah created in Pleven in 1944. Rubin is grown not only in Bulgaria but also in Moldova, Romania and Slovenia. The wines are of good-quality and high in content of anthocyanins, the compounds responsible for the deep colour of the wine. Rubin's peppery flavour can be attributed to the Syrah, as well as its pleasant crushed-violet aromatic profile, while the tannic structure comes from the Nebbiolo. Wines made from this variety are often aged in barrel where the vanilla and smoky flavours soften the tannins further.

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