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From the first touch, each Zalto glass impresses with its distinctiveness -

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Комплект Шест Чаши Zalto Десертни
Zalto за десертно вино набляга на финеса и елегантността на ...
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perfectly executed balance and exclusive design, the Denk`Art line are glasses with exquisite delicacy and tenderness. A true art, combining the sparkling transparency of the crystal, the fine aesthetics of the design and the perfect presentation of the bouquet of wine aromas.

The idea behind the Zalto Denk`Art glasses concept is heavily influenced by the extensive knowledge of the priest Hans Denk, who has spent decades studying and tasting wines and is one of the most valued and inspiring wine experts in Austria. The curve of the glasses is inclined at angles of 24 °, 48 ° and 72 °, which are in accordance with the angles of inclination of the Earth. Even the ancient Romans used this knowledge in their warehouses, after noticing that the products remained fresh for a longer period of time and that their taste improved. Today, Zalto uses the same angles and shows in practice how wine can present its greatest potential in a Denk`Art glass.

Zalto's masterpieces differ from all other glasses by the very touch. Despite its thin walls, the Denk'Art series has all the qualities of a modern glass in terms of care and durability - they are dishwasher safe and have a high suitability for everyday use.

Welcome to the world of Zalto, glasperfection through traditional craftsmanship!